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{N°10 - Home team}

{“group”: “home team”,
“x”: 24.59, “y”: 15.23,
“distance to ball”: 3.42,
“speed”: 29.18, “sprint”: “HI”}

A new dimension in
football analytics.

SkillCorner is the leading broadcast tracking data provider on the football market. We use powerful AI to give your team a competitive edge for player recruitment and match analysis by accessing the most accurate broadcast tracking data and the most advanced integrated analytics on an ever growing database.


Our data

The data is in your

Event data and tracking data are the keys to unlocking football performance. But until now, tracking data has been expensive to collect, time intensive, and not available across different leagues and competitions.

SkillCorner is changing that by providing teams access to exclusive player and ball tracking data without the usual restrictions.

In just a click, our technology lets you access dynamic and contextualised insights that can power your recruitment process as well as match or opposition analysis.

About SkillCorner's data
  • Fully automated & real-time data collection
  • Up to 98% accuracy compared to in-stadium official tracking systems
  • Trusted & validated data collection methodology
  • Extensive growing database (with over 1 million data points collected for each single match)
  • Available on more than 45 competitions worldwide
  • Integrated analytics (physical, tactical and technical)
  • Flexible data delivery via API Integration or Web Query Tool
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Our technology

There's a better way to
analyze football matches.

Our AI-powered video tracking technology uses computer vision and machine learning to generate tracking data from any football broadcast.

Our data

Tracking data.

Broadcast tracking data will forever change the way you recruit players. With SkillCorner, you can access a growing database of football tracking data or receive tracking data on matches instantly.

SkillCorner provides full continuous player tracking from broadcast feeds. The simulation option follows an extensive 12 month period of development, in order to estimate player movement off-camera, during replays and close ups.

SkillCorner also facilitates automatic integration with event data.


Our data

Physical data.

For the first time you can access simple to use and objective data on the physical profile of more than 20 000 players from an ever-growing list of 46 competitions globally .

• Obtain distances and number of runs in different speed zones, accelerations, decelerations, speed, etc. in and out of possession

• Compare physically any competition, any team or any player from the best competitions worldwide

• Add a new dimension to your recruitment process and reduce the risks associated with it.


Our data

Game Intelligence.

Game Intelligence takes football insight to the next level by merging event data with tracking data to evaluate the intelligence and effectiveness of a player’s off-the-ball movement; the capability of players in possession to identify and complete passes to the most threatening options; and how a player in possession resists pressure.

• Evaluate the volume, type and threat level of off-ball runs made by a player

• Assess the capability of players in possession to recognise and serve the most threatening runs

• Understand a player’s ability to retain the ball and deliver passes when under pressure

These metrics can be easily benchmarked against individual players, as well as league and position averages across more than 60 leagues and competitions, helping you to make smarter scouting decisions.

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